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Anita Cajero 



Anita Cajero is a full blooded Native American Indian. She was born in 1965 into the Jemez pueblo and is a member of the Sun Clan. Anita began experimenting with clay at the age of 3; she learned all the fundamentals of working with natural pigments and slips from her family members and friends. Anita graduated with a BA from New Mexico Highlands University in 1983.


Anita specializes in hand sculpted and hand painted clay figurines and traditional pottery. She gathers her natural materials from within the Jemez Pueblo. Once her materials are harvested Anita breaks down the clumps of clay and temper, then she mixes them together to begin the process of constructing her beautiful storytellers and fine pottery. She uses the pinch and coil method to build her figurines – a similar technique to hand coiling. Once her figurine has been formed she allows the piece to dry. Once dried, Anita uses a piece of sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges. Finally, she is ready to hand paint using the stem of a yucca plant which is fashioned into a brush. When she is done with the painting she fires her pottery either in the traditional way, outdoors, or in a kiln.


Anita enjoys making clay figurines because it is a way to express the Pueblo Culture. She signs her art as: Anita Cajero, Jemez. She is related to John Carillo (father), Teresita Loretto (mother),Aaron Cajero Sr. (spouse), Julie Loretto, Felicia Loretto (sisters), Leonora Loretto (grandmother), Esther Cajero (mother-in-law), Teri Cajero (daughter), and Aaron Cajero Jr. (son).



-Eight Northern Pueblo Indian Market

-Santa Fe Indian Market

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