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 Oreland “Bo” Joe Jr.  - Navajo


Born and raised in Shiprock, NM Oreland “Bo” Joe Jr. has been surrounded by art his entire life.  A 5th generation artist growing up on the Navajo Reservation has reflected heavy cultural influences into his jewelry artwork. Having spent most of his adolescence accompanying his father Oreland C. Joe Sr. with stone sculpting, the foundation for an artistic career had been built.


After spending many years in the recording industry throughout LA, Phoenix and Chicago, Bo’s creative outlook grew and he stumbled upon a new creative passion. Tufa Casting. An old navajo jewelry technique that involves carving and casting silver from within tufa stone. Tufa, a stone of condensed volcanic ash, shares similar sculpting qualities that Bo has been familiar with, which made the transition to tufa casting a natural fit.


Bo is ongoing with his creative quests and continues to express the love of his culture through his Tufa Cast Jewelry. He currently resides in Kirtland, NM and is back in the sculpture’s studio creating new works for current art shows throughout the southwest.


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