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Chris Turri

Chris Turri, for years, has fabricated unique sculptures incorporating various reclaimed metals including the skins of old vehicles from the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. From the shadows of his metal work he has recently released a new line of mixed media art he calls “patina on cloth.”

“The idea came to me organically as I was experimenting with textures and patinas on my sculptures and then it became intentional. Now, as I continue to create sculptures, the patina on cloth is curing, layer by layer. So, the new pieces really are the shadows of my original work.” says Turri. “I use reclaimed cloth and the process is a little like painting with metal, rather than on metal.”

The imagery in his new two-dimensional series echoes the stories in Turri’s sculptural work with abstracted human figures, petroglyphs and animal symbols carrying on Chris’ desire to keep us seeing our past through a contemporary presentation.  Chris says, “I have so many ideas that I’m playing with in this new medium, collectors may be surprised by the next phase, I often am.”


After a decade on Canyon Road Chris Turri is now represented at one of Santa Fe’s favorites, True West Gallery, a half block off the Santa Fe Plaza.  


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