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Vangeline Thomas  


Vangeline Thomas is a Navajo Master Weaver from Rock Point, Arizona.   Vangeline weaves the Teec Nos Pos design, which appears at first the most reminiscent of the Oriental designs introduced by the early traders in their attempt to revitalize Navajo weaving.   The design was originated by a missionary in the area and is known for its wide borders enclosing geometric elements around a center of unusual bold geometrics. The Navajo Teec Nos Pos rug is typically woven using vegetal, natural, and chemical dyes. Early designs were often less colorful with the notable exception of a turquoise blue color and often contained feather pictorials. These early design elements often subtly find their way into the contemporary Teec Nos Pos rugs of today. The Teec Nos Pos rug is striking in design and color and is unique among all the other regional Navajo rug designs. 

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