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Dell Fox


Dell C. Fox was born in New York City. Her family home was located in a beautiful, country-like section of the city overlooking the Hudson River.

Dell attended William Woods College in Fulton Missouri, and graduated with a degree in art religion and French. Her first formal exposure to jewelry making came as a consequence of a challenge from George Tutt, the head of the art department there. All of her earliest jewelry designs were reflections of her close observations of nature:  plumeria flowers, oak leaves, bamboo, camels, streams of moonlight and raindrops.

During the summer of 1978 Dell moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her trip out west proved to be providential as while living there she had the opportunity to experience the profound mystery and beauty of the American southwest's flora, fauna, native animals, and native culture. Shortly after moving to Santa Fe, Dell was given the opportunity to work and study under Ross Lew Allen. She later studied at the GIA.


Dell Fox's summer idyll in New Mexico became her permanent home. In 1997 the birth of her daughter Zascha sparked an entirely new level of delight and creativity. Although based in Santa Fe, Dell satisfies her wanderlust and voracious curiosity about diverse peoples and cultures by traveling the world with her daughter. In recent years Bali, Indonesia and the nearby countries of South East Asia are the focus of their travels. Dell has been profoundly moved and inspired by the grace, beauty, and peaceful nature of the Balinese people.

The insatiable desire to create, express, and be imbued with beauty is the driving force behind the mystery of Dell Carrere Fox's art and craft. As a great granddaughter of the American architect John Carrere, Dell feels that she has a noble family legacy to live in to, and a spiritual obligation to fulfill.


In her words, “Through my jewelry, I want to physically, emotionally and spiritually bring joy, beauty and delight to the world. One of the aspects I always try to integrate into my jewelry is a sense of fun and whimsy. I don't mean to suggest that jewelry isn't serious (because I am serious about it as an art form), but I do want it to be fun. I want it to make you feel special when you put it on - To experience a feeling of delight, not only in the physical, but the emotional and spiritual as well.”