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Eric Tippeconnic


Eric Tippeconnic is a visual artist with a special emphasis on painting and photography. He is an original American on his father’s side and a first generation American on his mother’s side. Eric’s mother, Kirsten, was born in Copenhagen and left at the age of 18 when she married an American sailor. She grew up in Copenhagen during Nazi Germany’s occupation. Eric’s father, Norman Sr. is a Comanche from Cache, Oklahoma. The Tippeconnic family gets their name from Eric’s great grandfather “Tippeconnic” who fought against the United States in the Red River War. Tippeconnic is Comanche for “Rock House.” He was born in Nome Alaska and for much of his early life he lived on numerous Indigenous reservations in California, Arizona and New Mexico. He also had the good fortune to be able to travel quite often to Denmark. Eric credits both his Danish and Comanche cultural heritage for sparking his interest in art and history at a very early age. Consequently, Eric’s artistic vision is representative of his two cultures. As a result of his multicultural experiences, Eric strives to interpret the world through a multitude of lenses both figuratively and literally.

 As an artist he finds inspiration in the various manifestations of life that he encounters while traveling, as well as those that cross his path during a mundane day. Eric’s art is a reflection of his passions and it is his hope that it stimulates the diverse senses of the viewer. For Eric, creating art is life, whether it is a depiction of history, culture or nature. Furthermore, the aforementioned depictions of life evoke Eric’s emotions. Moreover, it is his hope that the tones and colors of life manifest in his art will inspire others to stop, if only for a moment, and indulge their senses and by doing so achieve a deeper appreciation for the diversity of life and nature.