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Gilda Meyer-Niehof


Exotic, well-traveled and well-seasoned in the high style world of magazines like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, Gilda, creator and designer of Jadu Design, shares a lifetime of glamorous careers and travels that have inspired her jewelry. Goddesses from India, religious symbols from Africa and Native American chokers are just some of the eclectic elements in Gilda’s creative collection. Meticulously crafted and ultra cool, each design is a work of wearable art.


Raised in Germany and Ibiza, Spain, Gilda modeled in Paris, Milan and New York with photographers like Helmut Newton, Giovanni Castel, Joyce Tenneson, Erica Lennard and Oliver Toscanni. She discovered another talent as a photographic stylist for fashion and interior design shoots. She draws inspiration working not only with world class photographers, but also with fashion and jewelry designers around the world. These influences and her love for countries like India, Morocco and Bali give her work a distinctive bohemian feel. Adorning people and places is Gilda’s passion.

For the last 20 years, Gilda has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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