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Libby Chadd

From a place most personal, Libby Chadd creates her magical and mythical works of art. Pulling from her own psyche, creating dreamscapes, a spiritual voyage open to Jungian interpretation. This journey began over 35 years ago when Libby began drawing in her chosen medium, pencil. Channeling the ancient Tibetan art of the mandala she branded her own form of spiritual expression, creating a kaleidoscope of jewel toned color with a passionate eye.

Chadd’s work pulls one into a place of contemplation and interpretation. They are meditations upon the cosmic working of our spiritual selves. Each piece her own representing of earth, sky and universe. Maybe it is this state of spiritual connection that makes her work so powerful. Her mandalas nourish our quest for enlightenment creating a time and space for us to gaze into the metaphysical crystal ball of life. Her most recent works are for lack of a better description, dreamscapes. They transport the viewer into the recesses of that secret world of our dreams with fantasy animals, people and environs. From Honolulu to San Francisco to Santa Fe, Libby Chadd draws for us worlds to explore and experience. Rich, exotic and spellbinding. They make us look beneath the surface as they deliver their subliminal messages waking up our mind’s eyes.