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"2 Ledges" Rusted Steel Sculpture 18" x 18.5" by Dave Larson


True West Gallery, Santa Fe Presents:  


Dave Larson


I am an artist, craftsman, and designer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’ve been here since 1988, and am a blacksmith serving our local building community. I work in watercolor, sculpture, metals, and photography. I’m interested in all things outdoors, especially river rafting and mountain biking. Originally from Massachusetts, I’ve lived in the American Southwest since 1982.

Ironwork & Blacksmithing
I’ve lived in Santa Fe since 1988, and am well-known locally for my custom forged ironwork. I’ve been serving builders and their clients since 1988 with fine quality forged ironwork for homes. My work includes handrails, gates, lighting, furniture, and fireplace screens and doors. Most of my clients have been in Taos, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Albuquerque.

I work in jewelry and metals, both as a blacksmith and a jeweler. I work in gold, silver, steel, stainless steel, and bronze. I cut, shape, and polish semi-precious stone to combine with sterling silver in many of my bola ties, pendants, and necklaces. I work with enamels.

Since the late 1970’s I’ve been a sculptor, working in metal and wood. I use welding and hot forging to shape contemporary abstract forms with steel and stainless steel. I’ve cast sculpture in bronze. I fabricate small sculptures using hardwoods, with laminations of contrasting woods. I studied sculpture with George Greenamyer at Massachusetts College of Art in the 1970’s. My work is in private collections in Santa Fe.

I paint small landscapes and abstractions using watercolors, employing traditional brush technique and airbrush tools. My process involves working from nature, from photos, using computer-generated masks, and tape-masking tools.

I photograph with both digital and film cameras, and have extensive training in photography. I use a Nikon D5100 digital camera, and use digital imaging software in my digital photographic workflow. I print my digital photos using archival-quality printers, and have framed/matted images available

"2 Ledges" Rusted Steel Sculpture 18" x 18.5" by Dave Larson

SKU: 108818

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