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22k/20k Gold Granulated, Turquoise Double Shank 10x Ring by Pamela Farland


True West, Santa Fe Presents:  Pamela Farland


Pamela Farland was born in New York City and raised between Paris France, Quito Ecuador, and Lausanne Switzerland. Her early interest in travel, art and design led her to become an ardent visitor of museum collections around the globe where she gained a broad exposure to the treasures of ancient civilizations. Her resulting passion for these treasures led her to study both art and archeology, from an historical perspective at the Ecole du Louvre while pursuing her art history degree at the Institute Michelet in Paris.​Returning to New York she became an art consultant for Poster Originals Ltd. expanding the scope and depth of works of art the company published, wholesaled, and retailed. Her interest in display and use of metals led her to direct and expand Poster Original's framing operation, Mark LV Frames where she designed and produced frames for major collectors, artists, museums and corporate installations.​From 1986 to 1989 Pamela attended renown Kulicke-Stark academy, where she learned the craft of Jewelry design and fabrication. Here students were encouraged to develop their own style of jewelry making within the realm of ancient traditions. Commiting to a 2 year apprenticeship she learned ancient techniques such as, Byzantine cloisonne enamel, granulation, repousse, chain making, cabochon lapidary and various classical settings. Part of this program involved teaching new students as well as designing and producing her own line of jewelry.​From 1989 to 2000 Pamela worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a Master Crafstman. She made models and crafted pieces of jewelry from the museum's collection, which were sold in the museum's gilt shops around the world. These pieces included: the Egyptian emerald crystal ring, the flat link Egypto-Roman necklace, the Medieval carnelian signet ring, the Byzantine trifoil emerald, garnet and pearl earrings as well as many other museum pieces.The work is executed with patience and skill, often using the ancient technique of granulation. Granulation is the process of fusing minute spheres of gold to a surface without the use of another gold alloy or solder. It is used to enhance a feature or create a decorative pattern or texture on a piece of jewelry. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Whenever a design is repeated, the use of different stones of different shape, cut and color preserves its uniqueness.

22k/20k Gold Granulated, Turquoise Double Shank 10x Ring by Pamela Farland

SKU: 118284

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