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Biker Cross with Ancestor Skulls Ring by JL McKinney 13.5X


JL McKinney

American culture has been traditionally defined by values of faith, family, freedom, courage, and strength. JL McKinney is jewelry hand-crafted for Americans by Americans. As such, American culture is what we represent and those values permeate our collections in form and symbols. JL McKinney is committed to constant improvement and excellence in craftsmanship, because it’s through our craftsmanship in the workshop, we express our inspirations and message in stone and metal.


In 2007, father and son, Lional and Jonathan McKinney, created JL McKinney Designs following the successful sale of their previous company, Temé Jewelry. Much of what defines JL McKinney today culminates from Lional’s expertise developed through thirty years as Owner and President of Temé, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and modern approach to American Indian jewelry. The success of Temé was fueled by Lional’s passion for designing and crafting unique jewelry, as well as, his commitment to training and leading a talented staff of local Indian artists.


One of those artists’s was Lional’s son, Jonathan, who was raised in the workshop environment. Being inspired by the creativity surrounding him, he quickly developed his talent in the jewelry craft and his own sense of design. Jonathan officially became a part of Temé in 2000, after graduating from Dartmouth College. He oversaw sales and contributed to product development and production until the sale of Temé in 2007.


Today, Lional and Jonathan combine their experience and talents to design and craft each piece of JL McKinney jewelry.

Biker Cross with Ancestor Skulls Ring by JL McKinney 13.5X

SKU: 106252

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