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At True West Gallery - Santa Fe


The Zapotec Weaver

Your attraction to this work of art is reflective of a unique expression projected by the individual Zapotec weaver's sensitivity and skill.  The entire family unit is needed to produce a finished piece.  The young boys tend the sheep, the women are skilled in carding and spinning, which takes dexterity that few non-weavers possess.  The "cooking of the wool", which is the dyeing process, is also done by the women.  All this is accomplished in an open, outdoor adobe compound with animals, children and nature all interacting.  The men seek out or grow the vegetal dye materials; the science of which requires a lifetime of plant and animal knowledge.  Fruits, seeds, leaves, flowers, barks, insects and more are gathered and cooked in combinations that produce a wide variety of color.  The men perform the actual weaving.  Each work is started by using a woold warp instead of cotton or flax, producing a much more flexible and durable weaves.  Zapotec weavings are a continuation of artisan traditions rather than a revival of a lost art. This is just a hint of the history behind a true art form which will be appreciated for generations.

Fino Fully Embroidered Zapotec Weaving - 78" X 50"

SKU: 101332
expect delivery 6-8 weeks after ordering

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