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Quanah Parker Burgess



Quanah Parker Burgess is from the Quahada (Antelopes or Antelope Eaters) and Penateka (Wasps) Band of Comanches. He is named after his great- great Grandfather, Quanah Parker, The last War Chief of the Comanches.  Quanah is also proud of his Kiowa, Cheyenne, & Hispanic Heritage.

Born 1975 in Lawton, Oklahoma, he also lived in Arizona, Montana, Pennsylvania, and graduated high school in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He considers Lawton & Santa Fe ‘home’! Even though his family moved around a lot pursuing jobs and education, it gave young Quanah a chance to broaden his views, living on several different Indian Reservations (San Carlos Apache, AZ & Ft. Peck-Sioux/Assinaboine, MT) and experiencing many types of cultures was a great experience.

He is a 4th generation artist and has been painting professionally since 1996, selling his first paintings at the World Olympics in Atlanta, GA. He is college-educated, and started painting that reflected his own heritage and tribal history. Quanah gives much credit to his fellow Native artists before him, of whom he studied their techniques by simply looking at their work and admiring their creative beauty.

His parents both have been inspiring and supportive to both Quanah and his older brother, Nocona, also a successful artist in New Mexico. His father, Ronald “Tachaco” Burgess, Ph.D., is also an artist, who created the Comanche Tribal Seal and his mother LaNora Parker has dedicated her life to counseling and working with native youth. On his mother’s side, Quanah’s Kiowa Family are the Oncos/Aunkos and known as the “Calendar Keepers“, who recorded history by painting on hides, tepees, and ledgers.

He currently shows his work in galleries and art markets all over the country. He feels that meeting different people and sharing his art enriches his life as much as creating the art itself.  “I’ve learned all the tools mostly hands-on, and that can’t always be learned in college! Although, the formal training has contributed to the artist I am today. I’ve had some great teachers and words of encouragement from elder tribal artists and those who taught and encouraged me will never be forgotten!”

My art is about the history and beauty of my Native American heritage and culture. It’s powerful and has a soul!  - Quanah Parker Burgess


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