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Rodney Coriz

Santo Domingo Pueblo artist Rodney Coriz has been making jewelry since he was a child. He learned the art of bead making from his mother, Nestoria Coriz and his grandfather Lupe Pena. “As a child, I learned traditional bead, shell, inlay work and metalsmithing by watching them work. At the age of ten, I began to design and create my own jewelry, initially exhibiting my work at small markets and fairs.”

Metalsmithing making is not common to the Santo Domingo people, who are known for hand rolled turquoise. He has also studied at the Poeh Arts Center under Fritz Casuse


Rodney adds a contemporary flair to traditional style jewelry. His work is featured in “Masters of Contemporary Indian Jewelry.”

“I am always open to learning, embracing and developing new techniques and styles that will help me enhance my craft and reputation as an artist.”


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