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Roy Walters


Roy is a Native American artist of the Dine' (Navajo Tribe) of Arizona.  Roy comes from the Bitterwater clan, "Todich'ii'nii" (maternal side) and is born for "One Who Walk Around clan," "Honaghaahnii" (paternal side).

The philosophies, cultures and beliefs of Roy's ancestor's are very much a part of him and his art work.  Roy considers himself to be an artist with a purpose in life.  His spirituality in native ways evoke knowledge, power, and harmony in himself and his art. Roy, throughout the years, taught himself the art of stone sculpting.  He started with nothing but a stone, a file, a hammer, a chisel, and sandpaper.  "My first sculpture was so beautiful!  I liken that first piece as a seed that took root, grew and bloomed into a beautiful plant."

"I would have never started sculpting without my wife's encouragement, who is a school teacher.  She noticed my talent and invested her time and money into my art.  It has all happened by teamwork from the beginning. We have three daughters who are the light of my life and my inspiration." Roy's initial involvement in the arts started with a photography class in high school.  He focused most of his photography on the Dine' for school projects.  He then attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico and originally studied photography, then painting, drawing, print-making and ceramics.

Roy's sculpting began from a spontaneous turn of events.  "One day we were driving through the mountains of Utah and happened to come across some alabaster.  "From that stone I carved my first piece.  I knew from that experience that sculpting was for me because it just came so naturally.  I felt I knew what the stone wanted to become."

Since that fateful discovery, Roy has attended a marble craving workshop in Italy and learned from the masters the correct way of working stone.

"I try to let my work speak for itself in quality, craftsmanship and style. Most of my carving methods today are a combination of both the Italian "technical" style and the "Direct Approach" method, which is unstructured sculpting without plans or sketches.  The "Direct Approach" is what I call the basic skills which developed within me before I studied in Italy."I would like to say that my art, stone sculptures and paintings, have specific purpose and meaning.  I consider everything of the earth to be alive with spirit.  The spirit of the stone and brush holds mysteries and magical properties which must be respected.  As a Native American sculptor, I believe song, prayer and offerings must be made with respect for harmony and oneness with nature."


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