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Jennifer Jessie Smith

“All of my work has a creation story. A connection that bonds the work with the wearer. I feel I’ve done my best when the client has a connection with the soul of the work and unites it with their spirit and adventure.


In essence my work is about connection, myth and personal power. I refuse to create for the sake of ‘eye candy’ alone. The work must have meaning, myth and beauty or it has no real power. The world’s best treasures have a good story attached. And like the natural world we live in, power is best expressed through beauty.”


In keeping with this tradition and true to its name, “Jewelry for the Soulful” – Jennifer Jesse Smith’s Jewelry collection is an uncompromising expression of spirit, art and passion. Fashioned to be felt; not just worn. 


At the age of seven, while backpacking through Europe with her mother in search of rare Venetian trade-beads, Jennifer spied her first punk rockers and was taken by their personal expression. Later that afternoon, at the Louvre, standing in front of a painting by Michelangelo, she announced that she was going to be an artist.


She then went on to ground her talent even as she was pushing it to new heights, earning a BFA in Sculpture from one of the most rigorous art schools in the country: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her adventures led her to the motion picture biz where she designed medicine warrior talismans outfitting more than two hundred warriors. 


The juxtaposition of these two sensibilities, the classical and the post-modern, has been Jennifer's metier ever since. Her passion, attention to detail, and the originality of her adornments have attracted a wide following. Actors Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp, David Tennant and Billy Bob Thornton all own original designs by Ms. Smith as well as Comedian Margaret Cho. Even TNB’s own Rich Ferguson wears her designs in his latest spoken word video. 


Inspired by indigenous metal-smithing techniques from around the world, Jennifer combines her love of sculpture, silver-smithing and the elegance and edginess of rock-and-roll fashion with the best stones and finest metals to create original, balanced, wearable art that invoke a sacred connection and collaboration with the wearer. Jennifer Jesse Smith designs pieces of power, passion and beauty for those with enough mojo to wear them.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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