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Jock Favour

An Arizona native, Jock Favour is well known for his old-style jewelry that pays tribute to the classic techniques of Native American jewelry-making. Jock achieves the antique look of his jewelry by combining older stones with ingot silver to create heavy, beautiful pieces. He describes his technique as follows:

“I carve tufa stone molds and melt sterling silver. Most of my bracelets are made from square ingot bars, which are then hand-hammered or forged into the desired shape and thickness. These techniques were used historically during the period of 1868-1930.

The first ingots were cast from silver U.S. and Mexican coins. Coin silver is 90% pure, while sterling silver is 92.5% pure. I have melted coins and find no difference in the ‘look’ from sterling silver. The mellowness of old coin silver comes from wear and oxidation. I use ingot bars because it allows me total flexibility of size and shape. It is a time-consuming technique not unlike a weaver hand-spinning her wool into yarn, but the look and feel of the pieces is worth the effort.”

A third generation south-westerner, Jock has a long-held interest in the myth and magic of the landscape that surrounds him. A man of many pursuits he has ridden professional rodeo, traded ethnic arts, designed and built adobe houses and furnishings, and exercised his creative aptitudes in painting, sculpture and jewelry design.  

Having received a BA in anthropology and art from the University of New Mexico, he brings an anthropological approach of creative expression to his design process. “Good primitive art has a vitality and human quality that instill a sense of awe and wonder.  If my work can catch a note of ancient magic, I have succeeded.”


Of restless spirit and great curiosity, Jock’s interests and studies have led him to extended travels in Latin America, Europe and Asia. He has been featured in national publications and continues to design and make silver jewelry and wood sculpture of exceptional quality. Jock has a home and studio in Prescott, Arizona.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

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