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Cordon Y Cuero


 The Cordon y Cuero team is an essential part of the business. Lupe, who has been braiding at Cordon y Cuero since 2004. Larry and Jaya's two daughters have recently joined the family business. When Anyma and Joana were growing up, leather was an ever-present medium in their home, and artistic inspiration was abundant through the influence of their parents. The leather studio was an integral part of the house, and they began playing with leather scraps at an early age. Both daughters had their first jobs working in the family's leather business. This long history has inspired them to return to their roots in Taos to add fresh creativity to the family business. 

In 2013, Anyma moved home to Taos from San Diego, where she had been working after completing her University degrees at UCSD. She is now producing her own leather braided earring designs, which beautifully compliment her mother's jewelry. Anyma's work has clean lines, urban sophistication and a playful sense of fun. Anyma's partner Forrest has now joined the family business and is working alongside Larry, helping producing braided belts. He is honored to carry forward the tradition of Larry's unique belts. The newest addition to the team is their son Braden, who will hopefully be braiding alongside his father, Forrest, someday son. The Knapp's younger daughter Joana has recently moved to Taos from Germany and she brings her business knowledge and creative passion with special style to more leather jewelry designs. Last but not least, Lucky the dog, the stores Mascot has been doing tricks for treats for over 10 years.


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