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Dave Romero

Dave grew up in Pueblo, Colorado. He followed the legacy of his grandfather and father, each working at the hometown steel mill for 21 and 41 years respectively. Dave excelled personally and professionally at the mill for 42 years before retiring in 2016.  He has always loved working with his hands and was inspired by the steel industry with its molten alloys, hot rolling, forging, and piercing of metal into finished products. 

 Dave developed a passion for creating unique wearable art in the early 1980s. He has studied with several jewelry masters including Harold O’Connor (Reticulation/Granulation), Carrie Adell (Marriage of Metals), and Charles Lewton-Brain (FOLDFORMING). Dave’s unique style and imagination created the “Romero Fold” featured in Charles’ book, FOLDFORMING, published in 2008. Most recently Dave studied with Michael Boyd & the Colorado Center for Metal Arts (Stone on Stone).

Dave’s work continues to grow, incorporating new metalsmithing techniques and adding his own creativity and style resulting in one-of-a-kind works of art.  

As Dave describes his process, “I first have to visualize the design in my mind. I arrange it, re-arrange it, assemble it, and disassemble it several times before actually sitting down at my bench to begin the fabrication process. Once I begin, ideas continue to evolve that may or may not be incorporated into the finished piece. Very rarely does the finished piece resemble what I originally envisioned, but that’s ok, I am never disappointed.” 

Depending on the stones he incorporates, this process can take several days, weeks, or months, however in the end, his works are alive with color, texture, depth, and movement. Dave's passion for metal and stone is evident in each unique piece he fashions, the hours spent creating are irrelevant to him, it is the love of the art that motivates his work.

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