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Ed Wayne Aragon

Santo Domingo

As the only student taught by his grandfather, Vidal Aragon, who passed away in December of 2014,  Ed Wayne Aragon is carrying on Vidal’s storytelling tradition by utilizing the symbols and techniques made famous by his mentor.


“Grandfather would touch each piece that I made as a blessing. He started teaching me stampwork when I was five years old, giving me pieces of brass or copper to practice on.  I promised him I would keep his life and legacy alive.”

He started learning his grandfather’s trademark cutwork as he was ending high school and going away to New Mexico State University to earn his degree in education and government.


None of his designs are pre-sketched. He determines if it will be a night or day scene and from there, the story just flows. Each piece that Ed Wayne creates is unique, cut out of the silver in a continuous line, incorporating a 14K gold sun or moon. “Everything is connected, just like in life.”

Ed Wayne Aragon

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