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Malcolm Furlow

You recognize his hallmarks: electrifying colors, vibrant portraiture, and masterfully constructed scenes borne from both introspection and retrospect. Malcolm Furlow's prolific body of work continues to earn critical acclaim around the world. Overwhelmingly considered a living legend, the master painter remains a significant figure in the fabric of the American Southwest. A recently filmed documentary entitled the "Life and Art of Malcolm Furlow," refers to him as a "Renaissance Man": the quintessential cowboy, musician, and intellectual artist. He is an award-winning painter, whose accolades include the Silver award from the Sorbonne, and the highly coveted Gold Award from the world-renown Luxembourg Museum, Paris.

Having shown in galleries all over the world and winning prestigious awards in Paris once held by Pablo Picasso, Malcolm is required study in art schools across the globe. His devoted collectors travel from Europe, Sweden and Japan to add to their collections.
Malcolm's father was half Choctaw. His grandfather was taken as a boy to a Christian school, had his braids cut off and was beaten for speaking his traditional language. As a young boy in Louisiana, Malcolm saw Indians being hung in his own neighborhood. Under the cover of night, the family moved to Dallas, Texas where they felt it was safer. Instructed by his father to never mention his heritage, Malcolm never met his Choctaw relatives. Malcolm's artwork comes from his DNA, not his experiences, often channeling powerful images of a life he never knew. 
A poignant image (Steel Tipis) shows a young girl shedding her traditional moccasins and walking towards a city to pursue a modern life. Another piece (Indian Angel #1) shows a Medicine Man doing ceremony wearing Catholic robes and Christian angel wings.
As of spring 2007, Furlow has "sold-out" over fifty solo shows. Malcolm Furlow's paintings command principal placement in exhibitions, philanthropist campaigns, and private collections around the world, including the U.S. Embassies of Morocco, Belgium and Beijing; the White House; CEO Magazine; The Smithsonian; Mobil Oil; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Samuel Goldwyn; Richard Pryor; Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush; Senator Hillary Clinton; Bernadette Peters; Wes Studi; Phyllis Diller; William DeVane; B.J. Thomas; Jane Goodall Institute; Darryl Hannah; Eiteljorg Museum; Jon Bon Jovi; National Wildlife Museum; Koshare Museum; Santa Fe Fine Arts Museum; Paul Clarkson; Coca Cola Olympic Pavilion; Make a Wish Foundation; NBC's Today Show; Raymond James Financial Art Collection; Columbia University; and many others.

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