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Circa 148 BC. Silver tetradrachm. Obverse: Dionysus. Reverse: Heracles with grapes and lion skin. 22kt yellow gold mounting with grapes and grape leaves. Shown with 24k Yellow Gold Foxtail Chain, also by Valerie Fairchild.

Provenance: Matilla Estate 


Dionysus has two distinct origins in Greek mythology; he was the Olympian god of wine and agriculture and some scholars believe Dionysus was another more potent god known late in Greek pre-history from Thrace representing religious mystery and secret rites. Dionysian rites were for initiates, often featuring theatrical productions, consumption of large volumes of wine and sometimes orgies. Dionysius was a god of resurrection also—like the vine and crops, he died in the winter and was reborn in the spring.
Heracles was the son of Zeus and worshiped by the ancient Greeks for the stories of his extraordinary strength, courage, and ingenuity. He was best known for accomplishing the 12 Labors which included killing the Nemean Lion.


1 3/4 x 1 3/8" D

Dionysus 24k Gold Dionysus Coin Necklace by Valerie Fairchild


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