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Large Turkey - "Renewing Your Life" Hopi Overlay Belt Buckle

by Anderson & Berna Koinva

3" X 2"

for 1 1/2" Belt


True West, Santa Fe Presents:  Andersen and Berna Koinva, Hopi


Anderson Koinva was born in his home on 2nd Mesa in 1956. Many of the greatest Hopi jewelers come from 2nd Mesa. He was a Kachina doll carver first and still enjoys carving and painting. His grandfather was Paul Saufkie. It was Paul Saufkie along with Fred Kaboutie and Victor Kootchwetewa who created the Hopi Silver Overlay style of jewelry. The early bracelets of Paul saufkie were domed in shape. But with the coming of commercially manufactured jewelry sulppy store sheet silver, most Hopi bracelets became flat…no longer domed. Anderson and Berna Koinva are among the few Hopi silversmiths that continue to hand hammer and dome their bracelets. Koinva bracelets are made as they were in the 1930’s and 1940’s…a difficult and time consuming process. His wife Berna’s father, Bernard Dawahoya (a renowned Hopi jeweler), taught Anderson the art of making jewelry and the famous Hopi Overlay technique.​Anderson’s wife works very closely with Anderson. Together they have 2 children, and his son Bo is following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. ​Anderson is a kind and soft-spoken man that loves his family and creating beautiful traditional Hopi jewelry. We think he is one of the finest Hopi jewelers!

Large Turkey - "Renewing Your Life" Hopi Overlay Buckle by Koinva

SKU: 108091

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