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Giclee on Canvas - 18" x 24"" by Joe Cajero 6/60

Koshares are sacred clowns of the Pueblos. They are a highly valued clan among the people of the Pueblos. Their medicine and blessings are of Joy, Happiness, and Laughter. One is not born into the clan, instead, becoming a member "comes to one", like a calling. 


This profile portait of a Northern Pueblo Koshare captures a moment of reminiscing the sacred fulfillment from the ceremonial day.


A beautiful butterfly lands on his cornhusk, a symbol of nature's gentle blessings. It is said that butterflies are a part of the Koshare's initiation process and that they are their Spiritual Companions.




Joe Cajero, Jr. was born in 1970 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and raised in the Pueblo of Jemez. He is a descendant of a long line of Pueblo artists, including his father, a painter, and his mother, Esther, a potter. As a child, Cajero would often accompany her to Indian art shows throughout the Southwest. 


2014   Living Treasures Award - Native Treasures - Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2013   Santa Fe Indian Market, First Place, Bronze Sculpture

2009   Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market, 1st Place, Bronze Sculpture 

"Sacred Fulfillment" by Joe Cajero 6/60

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