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Vintage 50's / 60's Sterling Silver Squash Blossom Necklace with Natural Morenci, Kingman, and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The Kingman mine is one of the oldest turquoise mines in America, and was originally discovered by prehistoric Native Americans over 1000 years ago, and was used extensively by the Mayan peoples of antiquity. The Morenci mine was active as far back as 1864, and since then, the mine has been permanently closed. Today, Morenci Turquoise is highly regarded and sought after by collectors. Finally, the Sleeping Beauty mine, one of the most important mines in the United States, is so named because, from a distance, it is said to resemble a sleeping woman with her arms crossed, and is known for its vivid sky blue stones. This pairing of legendary Turquoise mines is expertly brought together by the master craftsman that forged this one of a kind Zuni Style "Cluster" Squash Blossom. Dated to the 1950's / 1960's. From the Southwest of the United States. Stamped J.M. Begay (Navajo)on reverse.


Length: 24"

Vintage 1950's/60's Zuni Style Cluster Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace

SKU: 122230

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