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Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor's journey from Fort Worth, Texas, to the art jewelry scene in Santa Fe is quite the adventure. Growing up in Colorado, his father instilled in him a love for the natural world through rockhounding and geology. This passion for rocks and minerals laid the foundation for his later career as a silversmith.

Moving to Texas in the 1970s led Steve to his mentor and the beginning of his craft with sterling silver. However, it was his move to New Mexico in 1979 that truly defined his artistic style. Inspired by the landscapes and culture of the Southwest, Steve developed a unique approach to silversmithing, starting with his iconic ear cuffs crafted from parallel wires.

From there, Steve's creativity flourished, expanding his designs to encompass a wide array of jewelry pieces, including belt buckles, bracelets, earrings, bolo ties, and tip sets. His work became synonymous with the Santa Fe art jewelry scene, showcased for 25 years at Packard’s on the Plaza, a renowned venue.

Throughout his career, Steve Taylor's artistry has been characterized by intricate designs that reflect the beauty and spirit of the Southwest. His pieces capture the essence of the region's landscape, culture, and history, making them beloved by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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