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Anthony Chee Emerson


Anthony Chee Emerson is a Navajo artist based out of the Four Corners area of New Mexico. Emerson began his career as a professional artist in 1982 when he participated in the Santa Fe Indian Market and has continued exhibiting there ever since in addition to various other Native American art markets and shows. Emerson has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes for his artwork over the years at these markets, including many First Place awards. He previously owned and operated Emerson Gallery, which was located in downtown Farmington, NM, where he showcased his painting and the work of other Navajo artists. Emerson studied art at a variety of schools, and graduated with an Associates of Arts degree from San Juan College in 2004. He has illustrated four books, including How the Rattlesnake Got Its Rattle, My Horse, Songs of Shiprock Fair, and First Fire.

"My Subject matter is inspired by the Dine ("The People") landscape, animals and humor that define the Navajo Nation. My Folk-Art stylization started back in the early eighties. Like many things in the eighties, many collectors thought it was a little crude, cartoon-like, or outlandish. Yet these whimsical characters bring life to the paper. I took some time away from Indian Market to raise a family, and it wasn't until my wife Michele asked me to do a painting for her that I returned to art. I drew a horse and didn't like where I placed it, so I decided to change its location. After becoming frustrated, I put away the painting and almost gave up. When I looked at the drawings for the painting, I noticed the traces of the horse stacked on top of another and I proceeded to add more horses to complete the composition"

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