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Michele McMillan

"I find inspiration everywhere!” 


"My pieces are made of sterling silver, argentium silver (higher percent of silver than sterling) and gold accents.  My pieces are all made by hand using hand and small power tools or cast from organics or waxes that I have carved. I use all natural gem stones.

I love to be involved in activities that allow me to be close to nature and my environment. I create visual interest in my designs with different textures found in nature using a variety of metal work techniques. My pieces are all one of a kind creations made mostly of sterling silver and gems stones.


From other pieces of art to nature itself, Michele is always on the lookout for forms, shapes, and designs that she can use in a piece. She sources stones and gems from wherever she can find them, favoring subtlety and simplicity in her choices. Michele and her husband travel the world, which she uses as an opportunity to find art, architecture, and organic forms to further inspire her future works.

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