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Ruth Nelwood is a Navajo master weaver who specializes in Storm and Burntwater style rugs. She lives in the Pine Springs area of the Navajo Nation and her use of color beautifully showcases the captivating natural elements of the Southwest.


Born ca. 1950, daughter of Dorothy Nelwood; sister of Mary and Patricia. Active 1960’s to present


Navajo Weavings at True West Gallery

A time honored tradition passed down through the women in the family, the ancient art of Navajo weaving is still alive today.  Originally meant for internal trade and collecting among Native Americans, woven blankets and rugs became sought after and collected by the general population in the mid to late 1800's through Trading Posts and Harvey Houses.  True West Gallery, in the Santa Fe Plaza, features the very best in contemporary Navajo weavings from master weaver Bessie Littleben and family, and The Spider Rock girls, including Cara Gorman and Emily Malone.  As Lorenzo Hubbell, founder of the famous Hubbell Trading Post once stated, "A good Navajo weaving is better than having money in the bank."

Ruth Nelwood - Rug in a Rug Wide Ruins Navajo Weaving - 35" X 26"

SKU: 101559

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