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Sterling Silver Multi Bead Lariat with Leaf Tips Necklace by Shoofly 505

27" to 29" L Drop 6 1/2"


Shoofly 505


Joanne Douglas


Albuquerque, NM based jewelry designer Joanne Douglas launched her eclectic Southwestern collection in 2014; Shoofly 505.  


When doing my own thing was the only thing left to do, I launched my eclectic Southwestern collection Shoofly 505.


My work synthesizes my lifelong interest in design, fascination with sterling silver, vintage leathers, creative colors, and attention to fine detail. My vision with Shoofly 505 is to create rings, cuffs, and necklaces mixing leather from vintage belts, sterling silver, sacred heart pendants, all one of a kind and unique jewelry.


My hope is that it will appeal to a variety of women, with the goal of creating jewelry that can transition well and be wardrobe staples, like a favorite pair of jeans or a trusted worn leather handbag. I strive to create pieces that are unique with a sense of custom and bold individuality.

SS Multi Bead Lariat w/ Leaf Tips Necklace by Shoofly 505

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