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The talent of Diné jewelry artist Allen Kee is quite evident in his silver and turquoise creations. Allen Kee signs with the White Hogan symbol, his initials AK and HAND MADE. Allen Kee (1916-1972) worked for the White Hogan Gallery in Arizona in the 1950s and 60s. He and his cousin Kenneth Begay were major influences in the modernization of the look of Diné jewelry while working as silversmiths for Virginia and John Bonnell at the White Hogan. Navajo Modernism had its roots at the White Hogan Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, beginning in the 1950s. The gallery was owned and operated by Virginia and John Bonnell. The Bunnells hired innovative artists who developed a unique look characterized by smooth, clean lines, influenced by the work of George Jensen and Danish Modernism. The work has a sleek, sensuous appeal. Artists blended traditional Navajo designs into their work creating a distinctive look that continues to influence Diné jewelers today. As the creation of jewelry associated with the White Hogan Gallery required great skill, only the very best artists worked there. This Cuff, signed by Allen Kee & Kenneth Begay, is a perfect example of this revolutionary, vintage style.


From the Hall Collection.

Sterling Silver Hopi Overlay Cuff with Cutout Figure by Allen Kee, Kenneth Begay

SKU: 119787

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