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Trade Roots Collections

The Trade Roots Collection is the creation and vision of Jeffrey Lewis, its founder and owner since 1970. Jeff has a personal commitment towards preserving and revitalizing Native American trade and tradition in the Southwest. Trade Roots has grown and flourished from that same commitment. In the early years, Jeff spent much time in the Lacandon Rain Forest, collecting molted Macaw parrot feathers for use in Zuni and Hopi ceremonial costumes. 
Later, Jeff began traveling the world, securing supplies of exotic shell and stone, at their source, so that Trade Roots was able to consistently bring pearl shell from the South Pacific, coral from the Mediterranean, amber from Chiapas, Mexico and the Baltic Sea,rhodocroscitelapis lazuli, sugilite, turquoise, variscite, fossil ivory, labradorite, azurite, and many other exotic materials...all to be used by Native Americans for jewelry-making and fetish carving.

After providing the Native Americans of the Southwest with their raw materials for over 38 years, Jeff is able to supply you with these same materials... and more! Gems and minerals in polished form,fetishes carved from gem stone materials, jewelry made with the finest and most exotic natural domestic turquoise andMediterranean coral, and other collectible contemporary and antique Native American arts from his collection. Along with all of this, Jeff will tell you stories from his experiences as a global trader. 

Today, Jeff has these same rare and exotic materials handmade into beads. In designing his neckwear, Jeff incorporates skill, knowledge and an intimate feeling, all accumulated from decades of world travel, intense studies of history and anthropology, as well as from his many, many years of living and trading among the people of the southwest. Jeff's designs and use of exotic materials are unique, inspired from ancient styles and motifs. Each of his creations is one of a kind, and has a timeless feeling that always brings joy to the wearer.

Essential Items

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