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Cobbled Black Onyx 5X Ring

by Michael & Causandra Dukepoo



True West, Santa Fe Presents:  Michael and Causandra Dukepoo


This husband and wife team collaborates on their jewelry. They and their children live in Taos, Causandra’s home pueblo. Both have been active jewelers since 1997.


Michael was educated at the Institute of American Indian Art and the University of New Mexico. He learned the jeweler’s art from his father Na Na Ping, a prize-winning contemporary jeweler. Causandra studied at UNM and in jewelry classes at Poeh Arts Program. She was further taught by her husband and father-in-law.


The Dukepoos’ jewelry is contemporary in style and usually features banded mosaic gemstones in simple, elegant silver settings. Their pieces are hallmarked with their name.


Both jewelers enjoy creating their art because it allows them to share their heritage and express their creativity without limitations. As Michael says, “There aren’t any RULES. I can do anything with it.”

Cobbled Black Onyx 5X Ring by Michael and Cuasandra Dukepoo

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